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I have a friend who likes to say that people complain all the time about not having enough time to do what they find important, but when he gives them a copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity they still haven’t read it three months later.

I was one of those friends. I put off reading it for months, if not years. I had other things to do. I was reading other books. It was never a priority.

Well, I finally finished it this week and for the first time in months - my email inboxes are processed, I have a clear sense of what is on my plate this week, and I have just completed my first weekly review.

While I still have plenty of more processing to do of all my other files, more projects to put in their place, and more items to add to my “someday maybe” list, it feels nice to be ahead of the curve to start a week.

Last week I linked to an article on Zapier about how to remember what you read. One of the methods that stood out to me was from Austin Kleon (who’s book, Show Your Work!, brought the ”So What?” test into my life and helped me start this blog). His style of visual note taking kept coming into my mind as I read about Mr. Allen’s GTD process.

As I digested what I had read and was processing it for application to my life, I found this infographic of the GTD Workflow. While the aspects of the process it emphasizes may ultimately be different from what matters most in your life, it’s a great primer for those who haven’t read the book and refresher for those who have.

I highly recommend the book (on Amazon) and checking out the GTD Blog and lament delaying months to read this book.

What’s stopping you from getting things done?

GTD Workflow
GTD Workflow
GTD Workflow


Had some issues with the workflow image. Found a new version on RC Titus’ blog and his nice post on using technology and GTD to simplify your life.

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