ordinary and extraordinary



~2 min read


202 words

The following is an excerpt from William Martin’s The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents. Do not ask your children to…

asserting errors in pytest



~6 min read


1053 words

Imagine a function that, under certain conditions expects to throw an error. How might we test that with Pytest? Pytest offers two…

pytest marker basics



~10 min read


1825 words

Within Python’s testing framework , markers can decorate a test method (i.e. a method which has a name beginning and inside a file prefixed…

reasons to prefer maps over pojos* (i.e. objects)



~4 min read


656 words

*Note: A POJO is actually a “Plain Old Java Object”, but I’m talking about Javascript, so it’ll be “Plain Old Javascript Object” today…

error handling: 502 bad gateway with netlify build



~1 min read


196 words

The root cause of this problem appears to be varied as it’s been reported in a number of different tickets (484, 745, and on Netlify’s Forum…

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