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I had to find the average of a set with potentially undefined values.

If a value was undefined, I wanted to skip it all together. For example: const arr = [1,2,null,4] has three elements. So any average would be over three, not the native Array.prototype.length value (which would return four).

My first pass included two loops: one for the sum of all values, and one for the total count.

I wanted to see if I could eliminate one of those loops altogether and count both at the same time.

Defining a custom reducer allowed me to do just that:

const arr = [1, 4, 21, 2, null, 4, 14, 18]

function reducer(accumulator, currentValue) {
  if (currentValue) {
    accumulator[0] += currentValue
    accumulator[1] += 1
  return accumulator

const reduced = arr.reduce(reducer, [0, 0])
const avg = reduced[0] / reduced[1] || 0
console.log({ reduced, avg })

This is a bit imperative however. Coming back to this code in a month, I might forget what the elements of the tuple actually meant.

A second attempt refined that by reducing the array down into an object with more explicit properties:

function namedReducer(accumulator, currentValue) {
  if (currentValue) {
    accumulator.sum += currentValue
    accumulator.count += 1
  return accumulator
const semanticReduced = arr.reduce(namedReducer, { sum: 0, count: 0 })
const semanticAvg = semanticReduced.sum / semanticReduced.count || 0
console.log({ semanticReduced, semanticAvg })

In both cases, however, the goal was achieved. I was able to reduce my set with only one loop and do so in a way that made finding the average relatively trivial.

Besides being able to solve this problem, it was noteworthy because it wasn’t particularly challenging. It used to be though. It was a fun reminder of how I continue to refine my understanding on the hard becomes easy, making way for new challenging problems.

Here’s a live to play around yourself.

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