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When debugging a recent bug, I found that my Source Maps were obscuring the details from me. Not because the information wasn’t there, but because I didn’t know how to access it!

First, when I looked at the error, Chrome highlighted an “affected resource”. This turned out to be a CSS module for Ember and a total red herring in terms of tracking down the real problem.

Source Mapped from...
Source Mapped from...

However, once I was alerted to a link in the Source pane saying that the code was “source mapped from …”, everything started to unravel more quickly.

By clicking on that link, I was able to find that actual offending line of code and work to come up with a solution.

It’s also worth pointing out that Chrom(ium) browsers have a setting to enable/disable Source Maps. From within DevTools, there’s a gear icon toward the top right (also accessible via F1 + ⇧ + / aka F1 + ?).

chrome settings source maps

Disabling Source Maps would is another way of getting to the real culprit more quickly, though is ultimately unnecessary if you’re aware that the link exists.

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