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My experience with modeling fetch with abstract data types inspired me to learn more about functional programming.

Not knowing exactly where to start, I reached out to a friend, Kaz Baig, who was further along in his adoption for some advice.

He’s been working on getting his teams to adopt more functional paradigms and had a list of resources and an adoption plan he shared with me.


  1. Professor Frisby’s Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming (and accompanying FEM workshop)
  2. Fp-ts Learning Resources
  3. Learn Haskell (recommended reading: Learn You a Haskell For Great Good) because “at some point, you really just need to learn haskell”
  4. James Sinclair’s blog

Adoption Plan

While our conversation assumed use of fp-ts, I believe the general plan would work for any codebase:

  1. pipe and flow
  2. ord, eq, and semigroup (optionally split semigroup into its own step)
  3. “Full Monadic programming”

With that in mind, I’m off on a journey!

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