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Imagine you have a prop that you want to be passed all the way through to the DOM. If you try and pass through a prop that isn’t semantically correct (i.e. doesn’t use “kebab-case”), React will yell at you.

One way to handle that is to use a Higher Order Component (HOC). HOCs are components that return a component. Another way to think about them are as “wrappers” - so that’s what I’m going to call mine here.

Let’s look at an example where we use an HOC, Wrapper, to look at the props being passed in and determine what to do.

import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';

export type WrapperProps = {
    special-prop?: string;
    specialProp?: string

const Wrapper = <P extends WrapperProps>(WrappedComponent: React.ComponentType<P>): React.FunctionComponent<P> => {
    const Wrapper = (props: P) => {
        return <WrappedComponent data-special-prop={props['special-prop'] || props.specialProp} {...props} />;

export default Wrapper;

The nice part about this is that if neither ’special-prop' nor specialProp exists, data-special-prop is not passed through.

Sometimes it’s not about props but a different behavior contingent on the presence of a particular prop (or set of props).

Let’s take a case where if we have a specialProp we want to make the background pink.

import React from "react"

export type ConditionalWrapperProps = { specialProp?: string }
const Wrapper = <P extends WrapperProps>(
  WrappedComponent: React.ComponentType<P>,
): React.FunctionComponent<P> => {
  const Wrapper = (props: P) => {
    return specialProp ? (
      <div style={{ background: "pink" }}>
        <WrappedComponent {...props.style} {...props} />
    ) : (
      <WrappedComponent {...props.style} {...props}></WrappedComponent>

export default Wrapper

Using The HOC

Now that we’ve defined HOCs, we have to use them.

In our case, we’ve saved the HOC to a file in the same directory, higher-order-components.tsx.

We can import that module and use it as a wrapper around another component, so that whenever we call MyComponent, we pass it through the Wrapper (notice the last line).

import React from "react"
import Wrapper from "./higher-order-components"

const MyComponent = () => {
  return <React.Fragment>...</React.Fragment>
export default Wrapper(MyComponent)

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