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How do you insert multiple values? I always find myself looking this up. I decided I’d jot it down here for future reference. Hopefully it helps you.

In their book Practical PostgreSQL, John C. Worsley and Joshua D. Drake write the following pertaining inserting values in Postgres:1

The following is the syntax of the INSERT INTO command, when used to insert new values, which is subsequently described in detail: sql > INSERT INTO *table_name* > [ ( *column_name* [, …] ) ] > VALUES ( *value* [, …] )

table_name The INSERT SQL command initiates an insertion of data into the table called table_name.

(column_name[, …] ) An optional grouped expression which describes the targeted columns for the insertion.

VALUES The SQL clause which instructs PostgreSQL to expect a grouped expression of values to follow.

(value[, …] ) The required grouped expression that describes the values to be inserted. There should be one_value_for each specified column, separated by commas. These values may be expressions themselves (e.g., an operation between two values), or constants.

Each value following the VALUES clause must be of the same data type as the column it is being inserted into. If the optional column-target expression is omitted, PostgreSQL will expect there to be one value for each column in the literal order of the table’s structure. If there are fewer values to be inserted than columns, PostgreSQL will attempt to insert a default value (or the NULL value, if there is no default) for each omitted value.

The description alludes to the fact that the values can have multiple, but the demonstration doesn’t show how and the examples left me wanting. This is not a knock on the authors. The book’s excellent. It’s more my continuing struggles reading documentation and parsing out what’s not explicit.

So, as I tend to do, I came up with the following example to make it painfully obvious:

CREATE TABLE sample_table (
  name TEXT,
  favorite_color TEXT,
  age INT

INSERT INTO sample_table
  (name, favorite_color, age)
  ('stephen', 'blue', 29),
  ('john', 'red', 18),
  ('bernard', 'yellow', 40);

Punch line: Just as you would to insert one value, you do with multiple, except that they’re comma separated as part of the VALUES clause. I put together SQL Fiddle demonstrating INSERT with multiple values.


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