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This morning I was walking Finn and we ran into a cute Beagle and her owner.

Finn dug in and refused to walk as he does when he wants to greet another dog. I asked the owner if it would be alright if we said hi. I was told firmly, though politely, that it would not.

The owner continued by explaining that her dog had been bitten on the face twice last summer. I didn’t need an explanation. Lots of people say no when I ask if Finn can say hi.

But I keep thinking about the response. I’m assuming it was a genuine reason and not an excuse and if that’s the case, it strikes me as an overreaction to bad luck. I’m not trying to judge her. She’s doing what she thinks is best for her dog. That’s admirable.

That said, not letting her dog play with others seems like an overreaction to bad luck.1 In either case, this was a good reminder of how our experiences provide lessons to which we look to guide future behavior.


  • 1 I know I’m making quite a few assumptions based on a very short exchange. There could absolutely be extenuating circumstances. I also know how scary it is to watch your dog be attacked and not be able to do anything about it.

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