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NextJS includes built-in support for Dynamic Routes.

This is great, but sometimes things go awry and unfortunately the errors aren’t particularly easy to parse.

For example, I had a dynamic route:

└── pages
    └── [blogPost].tsx

But, I was getting an error:

error - Error: A required parameter (blogPost) was not provided as a string in getStaticPaths for /[blogPost]

Initially, I was confused because I seemed to be passing up the props:

export async function getStaticPaths() {
  const dir = await fs.readdir(path.join(NOTES_PATH));
  const filteredFiles = await filterAsync(dir, (fileName) =>
    fileFilter(NOTES_PATH, fileName)
  const filesFrontmatter = await mapAsync(filteredFiles, extractFrontmatter);

  const paths = PostFrontmatter) => ({
    params: {
      slug: frontmatter.slug,
      fileName: frontmatter.fileName,
  return {
    fallback: false,

export async function getStaticProps({ params }) {
  console.log({ params });

  return { props: {} };

The issue, it turned otu was my choice of name for the dynamic route.

The name [blogPost] isn’t random. It’s necessary.

See, what I’d missed was in the props I was passing up, none of them were titled blogPost.

I could have updated my paths variable to be:

const paths = PostFrontmatter) => ({
  params: {
    blogPost: frontmatter.slug,
    fileName: frontmatter.fileName,

Or, if I liked the shape of the object, I could change the file name to [slug].tsx. Then the required prop would have been provided.

Credit to Homu in the NextJS Discord for pointing me in the right direction.

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