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Another entry in my Package Discovery series. Today’s topic is focus lock using quokka.js!

Quokka.js is a tool for prototyping Javascript and Typescript projects. Specifically, it helps you see what your code is doing without having to run through a debugger (which can be challenging with Typescript | projects).

A few neat features:

  1. Code Coverage, aka live preview

Once Quokka.js is started, it will display squares in the gutter representing the state:

  • Gray squares mean that the source line has not been executed.
  • Green squares mean that the source line has been executed.
  • Yellow squares mean that the source line has only been partially executed. Quokka supports branch code coverage level, so if a line contains a logical expression or a ternary operator with both covered and uncovered branches, it will be displayed with yellow gutter indicator.
  • Red squares mean that the source line is the source of an error, or is in the stack of an error.

As examples:

When the code is all executed and looking good:

Meanwhile, gray boxes indicate some code is not invoked and so Quokka won’t know:

Red boxes indicate an error:

There are a bunch of other cool features - particularly in the Pro version (the live comments is very cool), but even the free version makes Quokka a tool that I’m so glad to have discovered!

H/T to Kent C. Dodd’s and his AHA Programming talk at React Summit 2020.

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