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I have been working on a small CLI to help myself as I reinvent the wheel of taking notes (more on that later, I’m sure). My friend Alex has put together a fantastic tool to help me, create-cli-application. One of the things I noticed immediately, however, was the great gif demo included at the top of the README.

It turns out the gif is generated through terminalizer, which is an awesome little package in its own right!

After installation, the steps are as straightforward as:

Start recording your terminal using the record command. terminalizer record demo A file called demo.yml will be created in the current directory. You can open it using any editor > to edit the configurations and the recorded frames. You can replay your recording using the play > command.

terminalizer play demo Now let’s render our recording as an animated gif.

terminalizer render demo

(Ctrl+D exits and saves the recording.)

Though alluded to, the fact that there’s a step between exporting the data and generating the gif is really nice, because it allows for a post-process period in which mistakes can be addressed and the gif can be polished as necessary (to fix typos, remove sensitive information, etc.).

Check it out for yourself:

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