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This template is based on Cal Newport’s idea of a seasonal leisure plan which he discusses in Digital Minimalism. I’ve been using something like this on and off since I read the book in 2019.

Writing the plan shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. The value is in checking in on progress, evaluating success at the end of the period, and keeping the momentum going by writing the next one.

Seasonal Leisure Plan - [Season][year]

Time Period: Start - End, e.g, February 1 2019 - May 31, 2019

[Purpose: This plan is meant to provide a series of objectives to be achieved during the season as well as habits to build. They are *not* intended to be about professional development, but ancillary to professional development. The thesis is that these plans will enrich me personally in ways that may or *may not* have direct benefit to my career - but will make me a better, richer, happier person.]


[One sentence describing the objective]


  • [List any strategies used to achieve the objective]

Backcasting & Premortem

When you get to the end of the period, you look back and see success - what are the reasons you were able to accomplish your goal? Conversely, what are the obstacles that emerged to prevent you from accomplishing the goal?


[T]he word identity was originally derived from the Latin word essentitas, which means being, and identidem, which means repeatedly. Your identity is literally your “repeated beingness.”

— James Clear, Atomic Habits

  • Habit: [Describe the habit]


[To be completed *at the close* of the of season]

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