shared events between window, document, and htmlelements



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When it comes to coding, there’s always something new to learn. One of the areas I find I have a hard time with are

Take, for example, this list of GlobalEventHandlers compiled by MDN.

The GlobalEventHandlers mixin describes the event handlers common to several interfaces like HTMLElement, Document, or Window. Each of these interfaces can, of course, add more event handlers in addition to the ones listed below.

Notice: these are the common APIs between HTMLElement, Document, and Window. Yes, many are deprecated, experimental, not supported, or in some other way non-main stream. Yet, there are still dozens of interesting APIs here that I had no idea existed before.

Reading through this list is inspiring. I mean that quite literally in that I am inspired by the types of applications I can build that I had never really thought of before and so many new opportunities to hook into different parts of my application’s life cycle.

Time to experiment!

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