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This site starts with a question. It’s a question about purpose, about direction, and about value - “Is this worth reading? Is it useful or interesting? In short, so what?”

The "So What" test via

There are billions of people on Earth and millions of blogs. To add my name to the ranks requires a degree of hubris - much more than I’m normally comfortable with. So, if I’m the guy who could never keep a sketch pad as a kid because the sketches weren’t perfect or the one who starts projects only to drop them shortly thereafter because they’re the kernel of an idea and not a fully developed one, why am I here? Well, for starters because I believe in constant improvement. Humans are plastic. We can be shaped (and improved). It doesn’t happen overnight, it has to start somewhere, and 1% improvements1 can have massive effects in the long run. Austin Kleon, the source of the question for this site, provides another reason in his book, Show Your Work!\2:

“The best way to get started on the path to sharing your work is to think about what you want to learn, and make a commitment to learning it in front of others.”

That’s the crux. I’m endeavoring to learn and this is my commitment. I’m studying how to be a better friend, photographer, and writer. Even more than that, I want to be a better human. My question remains open. Maybe one day I’ll have an answer, but for now, I’ll just just do my best to share what I find  useful or interesting.


  1. James Clear - Marginal Improvements
  2. Austin Kleon - Show Your Work!

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