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Recently, I decided to remove most of the inline styling I have on my website and use styled-components - a library I’ve grown very fond of.

The migration went smoothly and I found a number of opportunities to reuse components.

Unfortunately, when I went to deploy, I started noticing some discrepancies between what I was seeing locally and what was shipping.

Specifically - while classes were being applied, if the module was imported, the styles sometimes would be missing.

To try to narrow down the problem, I ran a few experiments:

  1. Three different styling paradigms - inline, styled components defined in the same file, and imported styled components.
  2. Deploying to Netlify vs Gatsby Cloud.
A side-by-side view of styled components
A side by side comparison mid-trouble shooting. On the left, the styles were not applied when the components were imported. On the right, behaving as expected, even without the Gatsby plugin configured.

That helped me narrow the problem down. There was something about the build process in Netlify that wasn’t working.

From there, I started looking through the Netlify forums and found a thread that had the right tags: deployment and gatsby. It turns out there was already a thread on the topic.

The part I was missing is that because I’m using Gatsby, I needed to add a plugin!

This is a standard part of the Gatsby flow - but it’s not something I think about regularly. After all, when you’re building a basic React app, all you need to do is ensure the package is installed in your package. There’s no extra config document that needs to be managed.

Fortunately, Gatsby’s documentation on using styled-components is great. The only point that seems to have been glossed over was how to use the babel-plugin-styled-components. Since Gatsby ships with a babel, in order to customize the babel config, I needed to install babel-preset-gatsby:

npm install —save-dev babel-preset-gatsby

Then create a new .babelrc in our root directory:

  "presets": [
        "targets": {
          "browsers": [">0.25%", "not dead"]

Now that I have the basics of a .babelrc, I am able to add the plugin for styled-components:

  "plugins": ["babel-plugin-styled-components"]

Here’s the commit that put the final touches on everything.

With that in place, everything’s rendering as expected!

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