this too shall pass



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This too shall pass.

To say this year has been a roller coaster would do great injustice to the turmoil and devastation that’s wrought on millions of people around the world. Personally, it’s been anything but smooth sailing - and yet, there I’ve found real reasons to celebrate all the same. I landed at a job I am really enjoying. My wife and I are buying our first house together. These are highs that would be high even in the best of years.

When speaking with a friend recently about these ups and downs, I was reminded of Rohan Rajiv’s observation of life’s | sinusoidal nature. Ups follow downs. Downs follow ups. The wave carries on.

Intellectually, this observation that life is a series of ups and downs is not controversial (to me). Accepting it emotionally and doing so consistently has been the challenge. That process has been a years-long journey, one that I am still in the midst of, to appreciate life’s impermanence.

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