the stories we tell ourselves

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The stories we still ourselves about ourselves are important and powerful. They set our definition of what’s possible and in that way they can limit us, or, if used to our advantage, inspire us.

The easiest stories to tell ourselves are are those we inherit. These are the stories we hear about ourselves when we are young: “…smart child…”, “…good with numbers…”, “…can’t carry a tune…”, “…little angel…”, “…will never amount to anything…”, etc.

These stories can stick with us well beyond their useful life. If they’re allowed to stick around they can limit the avenues we believe are open, let alone, worth pursuing.

Adopting a growth mindset can mitigate the influence of these stories by shifting the focus from who we are to what we do - eschewing the outcome (which may or may not be within our control) in favor of an emphasis on the process (which is controllable).

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