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One of those little things I love about my VS Code is that certain words will be in cursive and others are not.

This is because of the following settings I have:

"editor.tokenColorCustomizations": {
        "textMateRules": [
                "scope": [
                    // following will use italics
                    // This is a combination of my own settings and those found in this issue: https://github.com/wesbos/cobalt2-vscode/issues/116
                    // Note: I deleted .jsx and .ts variants as I believe the .js is sufficient
                    // Also removed ruby as I don't use ruby
                    "entity.name.type.class", //class names
                    "entity.name.type.js", // new … Expression
                    "constant", //String, Number, Boolean…, this, super
                    "keyword", //import, export, return…
                    "keyword.control.import.js", // Imports
                    "keyword.control.conditional.js", // if
                    "keyword.control.flow.js", // await
                    "keyword.control.from.js", // From-Keyword
                    "keyword.control.loop.js", // for
                    "keyword.operator.new.js", // new
                    "meta.class meta.method.declaration meta.var.expr storage.type.js",
                    "meta.decorator punctuation.decorator",
                    "support.class.builtin.js", //String, Number, Boolean…, this, super
                    "source.js constant.other.object.key.js string.unquoted.label.js",
                    "source.go keyword.package.go",
                    "source.go keyword.import.go",
                    "source.go keyword.function.go",
                    "source.go keyword.type.go",
                    "source.go keyword.struct.go",
                    "source.go keyword.interface.go",
                    "source.go keyword.const.go",
                    "source.go keyword.var.go",
                    "source.go keyword.map.go",
                    "source.go keyword.channel.go",
                    "source.go keyword.control.go",
                    "storage.modifier", //static keyword
                    "storage.type.class.js", //class keyword
                    "storage.type.function.js", // function keyword
                    "storage.type.js", // Variable declarations
                    "tag.decorator.js entity.name.tag.js",
                    "text.html.basic entity.other.attribute-name.html",
                    "text.html.basic entity.other.attribute-name",
                "settings": {
                    "fontStyle": "italic"
                "scope": [
                    //following will be excluded from italics (VS Code has some defaults for italics)
                "settings": {
                    "fontStyle": ""

I’ll admit though, the majority of those settings were copied and I didn’t know how they were arrived at.

Then I found the Inspect Editor Tokens And Scopes setting within the Command Palette (⌘ + ⇧ + P). command palette developer

Turning this on shows exactly which scope applies to which features.

For example: exactly token vs. inspect token and scope

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